Polly’s Working Hard (and, also, hardly working!)

Well this week has been an interesting combination of working very hard, “working” hard, and deciding NOT to work hard… I’ll explain!

First of all, I have decided to defer my Masters.  I have already completed 3 modules, but due to a ‘few things’ going on at home and with my health, I knew I would not be able to get the 3 essays that were due this week done, and I have had no word at all from my dissertation supervisor.  By deferring until September I will be doing the equivalent  of part-time, as I can then do one module up to Christmas, two up to Easter and then concentrate on my Dissertation, which I have already thought about, so I could potentially have a look for research and articles that are relevant to it.  Just making the decision to defer took such a weight off my shoulders, I can now spend the summer sorting the house and family out, as well as completing a few of the pieces I am writing.

The “working” hard was spending the day watching my favourite twin set #RinsTwins, where they displayed both their potential as Morris dancers and have further developed their love for The Wiggles – because every 18 month old deserves The Wiggles in their lives.

But mainly I have been pretending to be a grown-up and hanging out at the obscenely cool office for Hullo Creative, where Rin is based.  We designed a cool new YouTube channel for her, which will link in with her existing website, blog and branding by offering cool tips and advice for businesses on blogging and their social media presence.  I also got to carry out some market research, which was a really useful exercise in terms of what I could eventually look to offering as a writer in the future.  The most important discovery I have made this week while working?  Canva! Oh My Days, it is so easy to use and I have already spent the entire afternoon updating my existing Kettle List/Japan Playlist thumbnails, as well as replacing my Youtube banner art AND posting an instagram picture linking  to the new #PollyPlaitsInJapan playlist (which currently has 7 videos, and I am working on number 8)
I can now have consistent looking thumbnails – I even had the sense to write the names of the fonts and colours for future reference so I don’t need to guess if they are the same shade!

Unfortunately, discovering Canva means I am now going to have to replace the thumbnails for all of the videos I have already linked on this site; I do love creating extra work for myself!

While I am feeling pleased with myself I should totally remember to self-promote the Instagram and Twitter accounts, for you to go visit – feel free to follow, stalk, like or comment away…

And finally in “I-forgot-to-mention-it-in-the-video-but-as-a-blog-reader-you’ll-know-first” news, I am actually – for all of my moaning about needing a break, having a break this weekend!  I will be joining my church squad and attending the Big Church Day Out in West Sussex, for a music filled chill-out.  As I won’t be home until Monday afternoon, I’m currently racking my brains for an idea for a pre-scheduled video and blog post for you. It is likely to be about a cool crafty idea I pitched to the church today along with a Bujo update, as I haven’t done that for a while (about a year!)

So  that was this week, I’m off to put the kettle on… see you again next time.