#PollysBCDO – My weekend away to the “Big Church Day Out”

Regarding Polly

First let me get the negatives out of the way… the food and the water are well overpriced! (£2 for a bottle of water! Seriously!). Also, people really should use the bins properly, recycling facilities were there people! Okay, so rant out of the way…

I had a great weekend, although spent far too long trying to get pictures and video rather than fully engaging, (I didn’t get to climb or do archery as I was too keen to get perfect shots of others doing it) so next time I am going to do what I ended up doing this year anyway, collaborating and getting other people to share their clips and pictures to create a cool montage. I was able to show it in church on Sunday, and I am hoping it convinces a few more people to join in next year (still working on my own family, I think the boys would love it, there was so much to do, and it is not ‘overly Christian’ for those who are not particularly interested in that aspect).

Another bonus – I was able to watch Tim Vine Live and tick #5 See Live Comedy off of the 40×40 list.

This week’s video also stars Charlotte – those that have watched the 40×40 videos may recognise the background as a house I often babysit in, so now you get a face to the ‘baby’ as it were. Charlotte and I have a bit of a chat about what happened at BCDO, what she enjoyed and shows us all of the freebies she received.