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I apologise for the click bait title to this landing page; I have my clothes on in all of the pictures that may appear on this page, and all others!
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I have tried to group together my blog posts and articles in a way that makes them easier to find – although I have used keywords on them so you should be able to find them in ‘search’ if you know what you are looking for.

Polly Posts

These are all of the blog posts and articles, that were more about stuff I was doing, than about actual stuff from the Kettle List, or about Japan, or Minimalism and house decluttering, or any of the main topics that I have stated that this site is about so they all got to go here:

40th Birthday Round up –  because the end of the 40 x 40 is the beginning of the Kettle List.

Upfest 2017 – with photos.

Polly’s Weekend at the Big Church Day Out

Cat Cafe Review


Polly’s Pondering

There are so many of these – the idea is that I write them during my lunch hour every Thursday – that they have their very own landing page, which can be found here


Life style, Home and Minimalism

Lifestyle landing header

I fully appreciate that I have sacrificed an easy to navigate menu for the sake of a cheap acronym,* so I thought I would add this section that has all of the links for my Blog posts about the house, decluttering, minimalism and anything remotely ‘lifestyle’ related

Choosing life: why I decided to refocus

Home and Lifestyle:

Forever Summer: Why you should have a house of plants


Introduction to my Decluttering Journey 
Five Reasons to Declutter 
Five Things you can Declutter Today – Get started on the Path to Minimalism 
Why you should Declutter Alone 
Where does your Clutter go?
Christmas as a decluttering minimalist

Money and Savings:

Tips for Saving up for your Dream Trip
So you want to be a homeowner? Why buying a house is not all that.
5 things that could make getting a mortgage easier

Clothes and ‘Fashion’

Capsule Wardrobe : Will it work for You? 
Trying out a capsule wardrobe – Take 1
Capsule Wardrobe – Take 2
#333 Update – What I will change

Why I DID go to the Sales

Relevant Lifestyle Type Vlogs


Because if I can’t shamelessly promote my Youtube channel here, where can I promote it!
Polly’s New Home:

Polly’s Declutter Weekend :

Polly’s Still Decluttering :

*The menu spells DREAMS – I know, pretentious as, right?