Project 333 – Take 1 (October -December 2017)

(This page will go live November 1 – after I have uploaded every photo for my 1st month of 333)

Intro to project – inc links to original plan/ Courtney

link to my blog page about me starting it… (photos of me clearing…

photos of the ‘finalists’


October is officially my first month of #PPTKOP333  – it will fill the space in my life left after the Mins game ended, which, ironically, left lots of space in my house after I cleared out well over 1,000 separate pieces of clutter, rubbish, items for charity and things to sell.



Given them all numbers –

Picture 1) 1,6,11,A,L. –
Picture 2) 12,17, K. –
Picture 3) 2,12,B,L-
Picture 4)
Picture 5)
Picture 6)
Picture 7)
Picture 8)
Picture 9)

Good thing is, some places I visit once a week – like church, will not notice the restricted wardrobe, as I can now take note of what combinations I have worn and avoid them!


Excel Matrix – outfits 0 wondering about leggins and shorts/ generally wear them under things, maybe swap out one of the shorts?

Ended up removing a few items after my ‘end of September practice run’,

check shorts
blue pinny
mustard shift
long peach
anchor blouse

slouch peach
stripes jumper
navy dress
peach/navy dress

31 = 3×9 + 4.  Make them up in the instagram filter