The Burning Bush…and shed…and most of the garden!

This week we have been mostly having our garden burned down... didn’t want that shed and ALL its contents anyway.  So we had a visit from the fire brigade and I even got to phone 999, which was childishly exciting.  We may also have gained a few feet of garden, as now the evil giant trees that were blocking the back are so damaged they may have to come down.

Also this week I went to see Paul Rodgers with my Mum and Step-dad, after being randomly asked.  To be honest I didn’t really know a lot of his songs – apart from a few Free classics, but he was actually an amazing live artist and it was a really good show – this was the third time Pat and John had seen him, and they – correctly- thought that I would enjoy it. IMG_4469
I’ve also managed to sneak in another Japan video – which I should link in the correct place on the site as well as linking here.  It has actually been quite a Japanese filled week as I have completed the first season of Gokusen and moved onto the second… which happens to have Mokomichi Hayami in it… sigh…