The work begins..

I have started looking through all the footage from Japan and this video series may potentially last a while, if I ever get going on it! I may even at some stage create a playlist page and then we can watch my Japanese videos all in one place…  Until then you can just go here and watch my latest video!)

Part of the trip did involve starting two other projects, namely my #50CoffeesIn50Cities and visiting 50 places of worship (which reminds me, I must go back over my Instagram account and hashtag the heck out of it!)


As for things on the list?

Japanese Language learning continues! I have treated myself to the next book in the Japanese from Zero series, and I am actually getting quite good at reading – slowly.  I will have to get Yumi to be extra cruel and get her to refuse to talk to me in English when we Skype!

After visiting Japan I am more determined than ever that I want to go back and teach there, even if only for a year, there is so much still to see there…