Tuesday Tunes – All the music

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What started as a bit of a one off has kind of become something of a weekly event. I do worry that I may keep using my favourite songs too much and bore you all, but it is hard to remember what tunes I have used every week, so here is a rundown of all of the posts so far, which I have tried to sort by genre…sort of!

Seasonal Tunes

Valentines Songs:

Love songs – 2018

Tunes of Thanksgiving

Tunes of Love,Gratitude and thanksgiving

Christmas 2018:

5 traditional Christmas tunes 
Tunes that make it feel like Christmas 
5 of the most terrible Christmas tunes 
5 Christmassy tunes that just aren’t

A Christmas playlist 

Films & Shows


5 of my favourite Disney Tunes  Part 1


Non-Disney Tunes (but people think they are) Part 1


5 of the best musical intros

Kids shows

5 of my favourite Children’s shows intros

Polly’s Weird Taste

Taste Breakers

The Waterboys

Singles I bought

Singles I bought as a child 

International music

K-pop bands that aren’t BTS

5 of the best : Non-English Songs – Asian Edition

Tunes that get me through it all

Tunes that saw me through 2018

Tunes that got me moving